Master Videomaking - 1:1 online workshop

Master the art of moving image, develop a lucrative buisness around your skills, realize your artistic ambition and work location independent around the globe. 🌍

Individual 1:1 online sessions for creatives___entrepreneurs.

Student Voices:

Enroll in this course and gain the skills to create quality moving images, build a successful business with your talent, and achieve your creative vision while working remotely or in person in Munich, Germany in my studio. Get an individualized approach with personal mentoring and feedback from an experienced instructor. Plus, benefit from unique training and exclusive resources to help you reach your goals faster.

From Enthusiasts - Expert:

Learn the vast technical skills needed to create these images
and camerawork technicalities for pre-production, production and post production
• Develop indepth understanding of production, directing, editing, delivery
• Explore different mediums, techniques for visual storytelling
• Work on projects from concept to completion
•Build, maintain successful business in creative industry
• Receive tailored advice, feedback from an experienced instructor
•Benefit from unique training, exclusive resources to reach goals faster

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