Relics for a possible future (Playground), 2022
Inkjet on billboard paper, 604 x 600 cm

Relics for a possible future 2022
Inkjet on billboard paper, 804 x 290 cm

Inspired by the expressiveness of the paintings and frescoes of historical Italian masters and fascinated by the role they played in the world view of the people of that time, I began the series of works Relicts for a Possible Future. Particularly the effect of weathered frescoes as a viewer and the realization that everything that surrounds us is subject to a process of decay and thus only remains as a fragment for future generations became the basis for the work. In search of a similarly functioning dogma in our time, collages were created from collected contemporary newspaper and online media images, which were then transferred on wooden panels and canvases. The result is an anachronistic snapshot of the present, viewed from a distant future. On view at the exhibiton „I Did not See it Coming“at the Lothringer 13 in Munich.