Jonas Kolecki (*1994 in Munich) works with various media, including film, video, photography, collage, installation and performance. He studied philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and has been working as an independent film director since 2015. Combining his interests in visual arts, he completed a bachelor's degree in art & design in Northern Italy with Massimo Bartolini, Luca Trevisani, Italo Zuffi among others, studied with Olaf Nicolai at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and is currently a master's student at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenahgen in the class of Pictorial Practices.


My approach to work is simple; I go on field trips to explore the unexpected and bring my discoveries to the studio to take care of and develop them further, kind of like a Pokémon trainer would do with their creatures. I am especially interested in how narratives, images, and myths shape our worldview and how they attempt to create meaning, as well as our collective interpretation of them. Therefore, I travel, read, and confront myself with imagery and content from Greek myths to contemporary comics and try to see them beyond their appearance. I believe that our present leftovers, traces, presences, and reminiscences can teach us a lot about our collective society, and I like to imagine what a person in 1000 years would think about us. While cinema is my access to image-making, all of my projects initiate as a drawing; some remain there, while others develop into space. I see my work as bringing socio-philosophical thoughts into action to connect people across disciplines and spaces.


since 2022: Royal Academy of Arts Copenhagen
2020 - 2022: Academy of Fine Arts Munich Class Olaf Nicolai
2016 - 2020: Free University of Bolzano Major in Art (Ba)
2020: Free University of Bolzano: Project class with Ottobong Nkanga
2016: Free University of Bolzano: Monica Bonvicini Workshop
2015 - 2016: LMU Munich Philosophy, Economics
2013: Abitur Ignaz-Taschner scientific and technical Gymnasium Dachau


2023: Klasse Olaf Nicolai - Kunstarkaden, 2023, Munich
2023: Adaptable, Repatable, Changeable, Munich
2023: Annual Exhibition Royal Academy of Arts Copenhagen, Copenhagen
2023: Arts Birthday, Royal Academy of Arts Copenhagen
2022: Kunsthaus Dahlem Berlin - Studio? Practices? (Arbeitstitel)
2022: I Did Not See it Coming - Lothringer 13, Munich
2021: Graduation Show - Diplorama Uni Bz, Bolzano
2020: Willi the Cat, Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, Bolzano
2018: Michelangelo Relad Residency under 35, Pietrasanta
2018: La VËTA Pontives - Open Atelier, Gröden
2018: Sound & Space, Free University of Bolzano
2017: Tree Time, Curated by Massimo Bartolini & Luca Trevisani, Bolzano
2017: Fake for real, Free University of Bolzano
2016: In Between, Free University of Bolzano


Kunsthaus Dahlem - Berlin
Süddeutsche Zeitung - Kultur des Erinnerns
Süddeutsche Zeitung - Jahresaustellung
I Did not See it Coming - Lothringer 13
I Did not See it Coming - KubaParis
Willi the Cat - Exhibit Art